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Expedition (weETH) participants can earn MITO Points (weETH) by holding miweETH. You can track your MITO Point (weETH) earnings on the My Dashboard page.

How to start earning MITO Points (weETH)

  1. Get eETH (or weETH)
  2. Go to the "Deposit/Redeem" page
  3. Select the network to deposit your eETH (or weETH) and enter the amount
  4. Click "Deposit" and confirm your transaction
  5. Check your newly issued miweETH. Hold miweETH to keep earning MITO Points (weETH)

Key points about MITO Points (weETH)

  • Users become eligible for the Mitosis governance token airdrop when the token launches
  • MITO Points (weETH) are non-transferable. Users cannot trade or give/receive the Points with each other
  • Holding miweETH is required to earn Points. Redeeming miweETH deducts the Points balance for Community Redistribution (learn more about Community Redistribution)
  • The Mitosis team can nullify or deduct any Points earnings with objectively clear evidence of abusive or malicious actions

The rest of this section discusses the details of MITO Point's (weETH) operational methodologies.