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Q: I made a deposit but didn't receive miweETH on a 1:1 basis

There are two cases.

  1. Mitosis wraps your eETH to weETH using the Ether.Fi wrapping contract if you deposit eETH. miweETH amount minted can be different from your deposited eETH amount due to the conversion rate between eETH and weETH at the time of the Refund transaction

  2. In case you receive different miweETH amount from the amount you deposited (even if you deposited weETH), that's because you were the last depositor finishing the specific network's deposit cap. Mitosis sends you back the remaining amount

Q: I have eETH on Ethereum, but I can't directly deposit my eETH to Mode, Blast, and Linea networks via the Expedition app

weETH on Mode, Blast, and Line are LayerZero OFT tokens. You need to have weETH on Mode, Blast, and Linea already to deposit on those networks.

Q: Why can't I redeem my miweETH to retrieve underlying assets?

Redeem is only available when an Epoch is live and your desired network's deposit cap hasn't already been reached. Redeem is not available when there is no live Epoch and your desired network's deposit cap has already been reached.

Q: I have miweETH on L2 network (Optimism, Manta, Blast, or Linea), but I can't see any accumulated EtherFi (EF) and EigenLayer (EL) Points

The EtherFi team will update those in order. Both Points will retroactively be applied.