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Bonus MITO Points (weETH)

Bonus MITO Points (weETH) are added to your earnings after all Boosts have been applied.

1. Referral Bonus

Friends who join via your Referral code earn you Bonus MITO Points (weETH) based on their Daily Totals. A default of 2% per friend's Daily Total is applied. The percentage can increase up to 6% based on the level of your "Evangelist" Badge.


MITO Points (weETH) earned from Badges are not applied to this Bonus.

Referrers must connect their X accounts on the app to be eligible to receive the Referral Bonus points.

2. Community Redistribution (CR)

The CR Points collected from miweETH redemptions are redistributed to the remaining participants. Higher Tiers share a higher percentage of this 7-day CR Points pot. Deposit early and continue holding to maximize your CR Point rewards.

Like the Holding Duration Boost, LPs must hold at least 0.1 miweETH to be eligible.

Check the distribution methodology on the "Tiers" page.

3. Testnet MITO Point Conversion

A specific ratio of Testnet MITO Points you earned is carried over to MITO Points in Mainnet.

Check the spreadsheet below to see if you have any weETH MITO Points converted from Testnet MITO Points.