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Redeem miuniETH

Redeem miuniETH

Redeeming your miuniETH is burning miuniETH to retrieve the underlying uniETH. When you execute redeem transactions, Mitosis will:

  1. Burn your miuniETH
  2. Transfer your previously deposited uniETH back to you
Please note

Redeem is only available when an Epoch is live and your desired network's deposit cap hasn't already been reached. Redeem is not available when there is no live Epoch and your desired network's deposit cap has already been reached.

Community Redistribution (CR)

When you redeem miuniETH, you return some of your MITO Points (uniETH) to Mitosis. This Community Redistribution (CR) process accumulates and redistributes the CR Points to the remaining LPs. The percentage of Points taken (maximum 10%) is calculated based on the redemption order size and how long you remained as an LP before redeeming.

The accumulated CR Points are first saved in the CR Treasury. The CR Treasury then redistributes the Points to LPs based on their Tiers and miuniETH balances daily, with a 7-day cadence.

You can find more details on CR and CR Points in the "CR" section of the "About Tiers" page.