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Participation Benefits

Expedition (uniETH) offers LPs multiple yield sources and future benefits. uniETH providers retain their Symbiotic and uniETH underwriter points reward while earning MITO Points (uniETH) for future $MITO airdrops. Also, just by holding miuniETH, LPs will earn points from other DeFi applications which will be integrated into Mitosis EOL in the near future. Let’s dive deeper into each of the benefits:

1. MITO Points (uniETH)

Expedition (uniETH) participants earn MITO Points (uniETH) by depositing uniETH and holding miuniETH. Accumulating MITO Points (uniETH) grants eligibility for Mitosis governance token ($MITO) airdrops. Expedite MITO Point (uniETH) earnings via multiple methods, including increasing the holding duration of miuniETH, completing Missions, and collecting Badges. Check here for more details on MITO Points (uniETH).

2. EigenLayer Points

miuniETH holders keep earning EigenLayer Points. In other words, uniETH holders continue stacking up their EigenLayer Points even after providing uniETH to Mitosis.

3. Bedrock Diamonds (5x)

Similar to EigenLayer Point retention, Mitosis uniETH providers (or miuniETH holders) keep earning their Bedrock Diamonds. Additionally, Bedrock offers a 5x boost on their point earnings for all miuniETH holders participating in Expedition (uniETH) from Day-1 of Expedition (uniETH).

4. Mitosis Vault

Mitosis optimizes its LP yield by allocating locked assets in various yield sources across multiple networks. Mitosis aggregates its multi-chain, multi-app token/point earnings into miAssets. In other words, users gain multi-chain DeFi exposure just by holding miAssets.

Mitosis Vault will operate full on-chain governance, with miAsset holders participating in deciding the Vault’s strategies.

Start navigating the yield sources via the Mitosis EOL Forum.