miAssets are cross-chain LP tokens minted at a 1:1 ratio to the deposited assets. The value of miAssets and the principal assets are always pegged at a 1:1 ratio. When redeeming miAssets for principal assets, the exchange occurs at a 1:1 rate.

However, additional miAssets may be issued when minting if the deposit contributes to balancing the vaults, and a small penalty might apply if redeeming contributes significantly to vault imbalances.

Rebase Asset

miAssets accumulate yield by default. By simply holding miAssets, users can earn a rebasing yield. This default yield on miAssets is derived from the utilization of provided assets to facilitate cross-chain activities.

The fee incurred by Cross-chain Users is distributed to Liquidity Providers. This distribution occurs in a rebase format, akin to stETH. The quantity of miAssets increases in real time.

miAssets on Mitosis Ecosystem

The Mitosis Ecosystem is full of potential because it aggregates assets from various networks in the form of miAssets.

Trading activities spanning multiple networks carry more risk compared to those on a single chain, primarily because they lack the protection of instant finality. For instance, consider a scenario where a trader aims to sell asset A at its highest value and purchase asset B at its lowest across different chains. While the trader is selling and transferring the asset between networks, the cost of asset B might increase, causing you to miss out partially, or even entirely on the opportunity.

However, if traders use a DEX within the Mitosis Ecosystem, they can fully capitalize on opportunities without the risk of price volatility, due to the instant finality of the Mitosis Chain.

The Mitosis Ecosystem invites builders to unleash their creativity in inventing innovative use cases for miAssets.

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