Hold miLRT for MITO Points

miweETH represents your LP position

During Expedition, you can either hold your miLRTs for MITO Points or Redeem them. Holding miLRTs in any of the seven networks earns you MITO Points. L2 networks have a higher Boost multiple than Ethereum. Additionally, each network will have a different Epoch deposit threshold and Epoch Boost. Make your own Expedition strategy to maximize your Boost multiple and MITO Point earnings.

Moving your miLRTs cross-chain

Expedition does not support a direct miLRT cross-chain swap. If you want to transfer miweETH cross-chain (e.g., Arbitrum -> Optimism), follow these steps:

  1. Redeem your miweETH on the current network (more details in the next section)

  2. Retrieve your eETH on Ethereum and deposit it into your desired network

What about using L2 canonical bridges?

The Mitosis team strongly recommends that all Expedition participants refrain from using the canonical bridges.

Important: miLRTs bridged using L2 canonical bridges like Arbitrum Bridge will NOT be counted as eligible during the Expedition campaign.

Using the canonical bridges to transfer your miweETH cross-chain can result in issues including the following:

  • Losing the eligibility to earn MITO points as a miLRT holder

  • Cross-chain transaction costs (i.e., additional gas spent on using the canonical bridges)

  • Waiting for up to seven days for L2 -> Ethereum transfers

If you end up using the canonical bridges, you can always get your principal eETH back by using the bridges again. However, please consider the abovementioned risks that could compromise your Expedition experience.

Note: Mitosis is NOT responsible for any losses incurred while using L2 canonical bridges in the Expedition campaign.

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