Deposit LRT for miLRTs

Now that you have some LRTs, let's deposit them into Mitosis. Go to the Expedition Campaign website and follow the Deposit UI. The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 LRT per transaction.

Expedition supports the following seven networks:

  1. Ethereum

  2. Arbitrum

  3. Optimism

  4. Manta

  5. Mode

  6. Blast

  7. Linea

Depositing in the Ethereum network:

When you submit your transaction, Mitosis wraps your eETH into weETH before depositing it into the Mitosis Vault smart contract on Ethereum. Be sure to import miweETH into your wallet at the end of the transaction. Now you have miweETH on Ethereum.

For L2 networks:

You can deposit your Ethereum LRTs into one of the four L2 networks. Simply follow the same UI and choose your desired network. Mitosis wraps your eETH and bridges weETH to the selected network. As you did on Ethereum, ensure you import miweETH on your wallet (you only have to do this once per network). Now you have miweETH on your selected L2 network.

IMPORTANT: You need to have weETH on Mode, Blast, and Linea already to deposit on those networks. If you have weETH on Ethereum, you will not be able to deposit on Mode, Blast, and Linea directly on the Expedition app.

Please note:

Mitosis utilizes its proprietary batching solution to securely and efficiently bridge LP assets. In other words, actual bridging occurs only when Mitosis periodically executes the bridging transactions.


Mitosis executes the Refund transaction when your submitted deposit amount exceeds the remaining room for the current Epoch. There are two types of Refund transactions.

  1. 100% Refund: Mitosis sends you back the entire deposit amount

  2. Partial Refund: Mitosis deposits the maximum available amount and send you back the remaining amount. Please note that the refunded amount will be in the form of weETH (Refund amount = weETH amount - minted miweETH amount)

Source networkDestination networkYour asset Refund asset


L2 network


weETH (Ethereum)


L2 network


weETH (Ethereum)

Please note:

Mitosis wraps your eETH to weETH using the Ether.Fi wrapping contract if you deposit eETH. The refunded weETH amount can be different from your deposited eETH amount due to the conversion rate between eETH and weETH at the time of the Refund transaction.

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