About Mitosis Expedition


Liquid restaking tokens (LRT) have the potential to become the next-generation DeFi primitive. In the near future, LRTs must exist in hundreds, if not thousands, of modular rollups. Mitosis is the partner in LRT's inevitable multi-chain transition.

The Mitosis Expedition campaign is where LRT's cross-chain expansion begins.

Program Details

Expedition Mainnet will run on the Ethereum Mainnet and L2 networks (Arbitrum One, Optimism, Manta, Mode, Blast, and Linea).

Campaign Duration: 15:00 UTC on April 25th ~ TBD

During this program, participants can experience Mitosis's fundamental features: Deposit and Redeem. Deposit LRTs, receive miLRTs, and hold miLRTs to earn MITO Points. You can also redeem miLRTs, retrieve LRTs, and deposit LRT on other supported networks.

The program has four stages called Epochs. Each Epoch (except for Epoch 4) has an LRT deposit limit.

Epochs 1, 2, and 3 have LRT deposit thresholds:

  • Epoch 1: 1,000 eETH

  • Epoch 2: 2,800 eETH

  • Epoch 3: 7,000 eETH

  • Epoch 4: No cap

Network breakdown and respective MITO Point Boosts are as follows:

Network deposit thresholds are applied to each LRT that Mitosis supports. In other words, if Mitosis supports a new LRT, that LRT will have a different deposit threshold that is unaffected by the weETH's deposit threshold.

Holding 0.001 or more miLRTs during an Epoch makes you eligible for that Epoch's Epoch's Boost until the end of the Expedition campaign. Only one Epoch Boost (with the highest multiple) gets applied to a participant's address.

The new Ethereum Boost from Epoch 3 is also applied to all your deposited assets on Ethereum throughout Epoch 1 and 2.

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