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Ecosystem-Owned Liquidity & miAssets

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EOL is pooled liquidity managed by the Mitosis Ecosystem. The Mitosis Vaults are smart contracts deployed on multiple blockchain networks that allow LPs to deposit their assets. In return for their deposits, LPs receive miAssets on a 1:1 basis relative to their original assets. All participants in the Mitosis Ecosystem can opt into Asset Allocation Governance to decide on the EOL allocation to various reward opportunities. LPs can cast voting power proportional to the miAssets they hold. The Mitosis Vault distributes the resulting yield to miAsset holders.

Mitosis LPs are the key players in the Mitosis Ecosystem:

  • Participate in Asset Allocation Governance to optimize the yield of EOL.
  • Benefit from multi-network rewards accumulated in Mitosis Vaults.
  • Further utilize miAssets in various applications, including those within the Mitosis Ecosystem.

miAssets play key roles in the Mitosis Ecosystem:

  • Proof of share that LPs hold in the Mitosis Vaults:
    • Voting power for Asset Allocation Governance.
    • Basis for distributing rewards accumulated in the Mitosis Vaults.
  • Liquid representative which LPs can further utilize in various applications.
  • Base asset for Mitosis L1 chain.

The Mitosis Ecosystem manages EOL through Asset Allocation Governance:

  • All Mitosis Ecosystem participants, including LPs and protocols, can opt into the decision-making process.
  • Mitosis LPs vote on the candidate protocols and allocation ratios.
  • EOL is deposited into various protocols according to the results of the governance.
  • The Asset Allocation Governance periodically adjusts the target protocols and allocation ratios.