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Daily Reward Scheme

Daily Total is how many MITO Points (weETHs) a participant earns in 24 hours. Mitosis calculates the Daily Total based on a methodology called the Daily Reward Scheme. Daily Reward Scheme starts with Default Points and adds various Boosts to reach the final Daily Total amount.

  1. Default Points: miweETHs balance * 2400
  2. Daily Base Points: Chain Boost and Epoch Boost applied to Default Points
  3. Boosted Daily Base: Holding Duration, X Boost, Bracket Boost, and Referral Boosts applied to Daily Base Points
  4. Daily Total: CR Rewards and Referral Bonuses added to Boosted Daily Base

While this method might seem complicated, the key to earning more is to maximize your Holding Duration and miweETHs balance (i.e., deposit more and hold longer) and CR Rewards (i.e., increase your Tier for higher CR Rewards %). In contrast, redeeming your miweETHs works against the above and leads to higher CR Points taken out of your accumulated MITO Points (weETHs).