Scaling in Network

Scalability Problem

Current liquidity networks face painstaking challenges in network scaling due to their reliance on AMB(arbitrary message bridging) protocols. For instance, the Squid Router cannot connect with rollups and chains unless Axelar decides to support them. Similarly, Stargate depends on LayerZero for network coverage. In the modular era, decentralized applications, rollups, and chains must interact with other networks in order to attract a diverse user base and utilize infrastructures across different networks.

In fact, the ability to effectively leverage various networks will become a key competitive advantage. In this context, liquidity networks, the connectors among networks, should possess the flexibility to integrate new rollups and chains that demonstrate high potential.

However, current liquidity networks lack autonomy in terms of network connectivity. They must first convince the AMB protocol to support a particular network and either wait or incur additional costs until the network support aligns with the interests of the AMB protocol. This process becomes strikingly inefficient when new chains and rollups emerge rapidly and in great numbers.

Mitosis Liquidity Protocol

The Mitosis Liquidity Protocol achieves flexible network scalability via a partnership with Hyperlane, an AMB protocol that ensures permissionless interoperability.

Chains and rollups wishing to connect with Hyperlane AMB only need to deploy a few smart contracts. They can achieve interoperability with all networks that incorporate Hyperlane without any governance permission and additional costs. Teams that resonate with the goal of permissionless interoperability are actively contributing to integrating Hyperlane into their preferred execution environments.

Mitosis team, with particularly interest in Cosmos Ecosystem, has taken the initiative to develop Hyperlane for cosmwasm. Cosmwasm Hyperlane joined a growing list of EVM Hyperlane, Move VM Hyperlane, Solana VM Hyperlane, and more on the horizon.

Through Hyperlane, the Mitosis Liquidity Protocol can scale to any network, basing these decisions solely on the rationale specific to the liquidity protocol.

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