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What is miLRT?

miLRT is a derivative token representing the LRT asset locked in Mitosis. Mitosis LPs deposit their LRTs into Mitosis and receive miLRT on a 1:1 basis. miLRT holders can always burn miLRT to retrieve the underlying LRT.

miLRT is a core Mitosis feature that enables the concept of Ecosystem-Owned-Liquidity (EOL). LPs earn the yields embedded in the underlying LRT just by holding miLRT. Mitosis Vault strategies manage the LP assets by allocating them to various yield sources across multi-chain DeFi. Instead of manually deploying capital and causing inevitable liquidity fragmentation, LPs can conveniently gain multi-chain DeFi exposure by holding miLRT.


miLRT in Expedition

Currently, Expedition supports EtherFi's eETH and miweETH. Follow the steps below to start participating!

pageGet LRTpageDeposit LRT for miLRTspageHold miLRT for MITO Points

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