1. Epoch Boost

Once you become a miLRT holder, Mitosis applies an Epoch Boost to your daily earnings. If you hold ≥ 0.001 miLRT in a specific Epoch, an Epoch Boost that matches that Epoch will be applied to your Daily Earnings. Only a single Epoch Boost is applied, and the Boost offering the highest multiple is applied.

For Example, if you hold ≥ 0.001 miLRT during Epoch 1, 1.5x Epoch Boost will be applied to your Daily Earnings for Epoch 1, 2, 3, and 4. If you hold ≥ 0.001 miLRT during Epoch 3, but not in Epoch 1 and 2, 1.2x Epoch Boost will be applied to your Daily Earnings for Epochs 3 and 4.

Epoch 1: 1.5x

Epoch 2: 1.3x

Epoch 3: 1.2x

Epoch 4: N/A

2. Chain Boost

Depositing in Arbitrum, Optimism, Manta, Mode, Blast, and Linea provides a 1.2x Chain Boost. This methodology incentivizes participants to deposit their assets cross-chain in the four L2 networks.

Ethereum: 1.1x

Arbitrum: 1.2x

Optimism: 1.2x

Manta: 1.2x

Mode: 1.2x

Blast: 1.2x

Linea: 1.2x

3. Holding Duration

Holding Duration Boost multiple increases every day while you hold miweETH. LPs must hold at least 0.1 miweETH to be eligible. If the balance goes below 0.1 miweETH, the Holding Duration Boost gets reset to 1x.

Holding Duration Boost Formula:

= if(Holding Duration > 1, 1 + 0.007 * Holding Duration, 1)


  • 1 Day: 1.007x

  • 20 Day: 1.14x

  • 50 Days: 1.35x

4. X Boost (1.1x)

Connect your X account to your Mitosis Expedition account to enjoy a 1.1x X Boost. The X Boost is removed when the X account is disconnected from the Mitosis account.

To prevent spamming, Mitosis verifies your X account with read-only access to check if it's at least one month old and has at least 10 followers. Please make sure to interact with an X account that meets these requirements.

Note: Only one address is allowed per X account, and they remain connected throughout the Expedition campaign.

5. Bracket Boost

LPs get Bracket Boost if their total miweETH balance across all seven networks falls into any of the "brackets" below:

If "n" is the aggregate amount of miweETH in all of the supported networks,

  • n < 1: N/A

  • 1 ≤ n < 3: 1.1x

  • 3 ≤ n < 5: 1.15x

  • 5 ≤ n < 10: 1.2x

  • 10 ≤ n < 25: 1.25x

  • 25 ≤ n < 40: 1.3x

  • 40 ≤ n < 55: 1.35x

  • 55 ≤ n < 100: 1.5x

  • 100 ≤ n < 200: 1.7x

  • 200 ≤ n < 500: 1.8x

  • 500 ≤ n < 1,000: 1.9x

  • 1,000 ≤ n: 2.0x

6. EigenLayer Point Boost

Please note that only the EL Points earned via EtherFi are counted for the eligibility for this Boost. You have to claim the EigenLayer Badge first to get this Boost.

Expedition Mainnet offers higher Boosts for wallet that have EigenLayer Points. Check your EigenLayer Points on the Dashboard.

  • n < 100: N/A

  • 100 ≤ n < 500: 1.05x

  • 500 ≤ n < 1,000: 1.1x

  • 1,000 ≤ n < 5,000: 1.15x

  • 5,000 ≤ n < 10,000: 1.2x

  • 10,000 ≤ n < 50,000: 1.3x

  • 50,000 ≤ n < 100,000: 1.4x

  • 100,000 ≤ n < 200,000: 1.5x

  • 200,000 ≤ n: 1.6x

7. Referral Boosts

2 different Boosts can be unlocked for each group below.

Referrer Boost

  • Description: "Referrer" means users who invite their friends via their Referral codes. You can issue yours on the Expedition Dashboard to invite friends

  • Boost: 1.2x

  • Duration of the Boost: 14 days per friend

  • Requirements: Referrer Boost will be applied to the Referrers' daily earnings for 14 days per friend meets the requirements below

    • Referrers must have their X account connected to the app

    • Referred Participants must have their X account connected to the app

    • Referred Participants must have at least 0.1 miLRT


  1. You issue your Referral code on April 7th and connect your X account on the app

  2. Referred Paritipant A and Referred Paritipant B join the Expedition through your Referral code on April 7th

    1. Referred Paritipant A connects X account on April 7th

    2. Referred Paritipant B doesn't connect X account

  3. You will get 1.2x Referral Boost from April 7th until April 21th

  4. Referred Participant B connects X account on April 14th

  5. Your Referral Boost duration will be extended to April 28th

  6. If you don't connect your X account until April 29th in this example, you won't get Referral Boost for your 2 successful Referrals

Referred Participant Boost

  • Description: "Referred Participant" means users who join the Expedition through a Referral code from Referrer

  • Boost: 1.15x

  • Duration of the Boost: The Referred Participant's Boost will last until the end of the Expedition Mainnet

  • Requirements: Referred Participant Boost will be applied to the Referred Participants' daily earnings when meeting the requirements below

    • Referred Participants must have their X account connected to the app

    • Referred Participants must have at least 0.1 miLRT

8. Expedition Testnet Tier-based Boost

Tiers achieved during Testnet provide better Boost. This Boost is only for those who participated in the Expedition Testnet and achieved higher tiers than Bronze.

  • Bronze: N/A

  • Silver: 1.1x

  • Gold: 1.15x

  • Platinum: 1.3x

  • Diamond: 1.5x

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